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Deep Learning changes the world of investing.

Emporus deploys proprietary deep learning artificial intelligence to change the world of investing.

Deep learning mimics the human brain’s neural networks by independently learning how to find patterns and insights hidden in vast amounts of data. These artificial neural networks then take smart actions based on their “intuition”.

Meet Emporus

Emporus is creating an investment decision analytics platform powered by deep learning that helps investors develop and execute successful strategies.

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Helps make sense of the data overflow in the financial market

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Reduce risk and make better informed investment decisions

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Making the Deep Learning AI capabilities accessible to all organization types

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Effective data analysis to reduce investors expensive resources

Accurate. Insightful. Effective.

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Deep learning based analyses of customer portfolio and potential.

Accurate prediction of risk and opportunity for individual stocks.

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Alert system for unexpected activity of stocks across unlimited data sources.

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Smart hedging recommendations

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Simulations of scenarios with dozens of variables to understand potential.

Our unique technology

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Leverage deep learning to find insights and advantages that are not seen/explainable by human analysts

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Robust, easily extensible to include additional data sources and improve results

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Defined and built by PMs and Analysts, fully configurable to fit any investment style and preference

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Utilize deep learning and Big Data Statistics to quickly and continuously analyze vast amounts of data to product insights and optimization suggestions

05 - The team

The team behind Emporus

The Emporus team is made up of elite data scientists, top notch software engineers, and former operators. Its offices are based in Tel Aviv and New York City.

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